What is Prairie Harbour Inc?

It is a safe place where you and your child(ren) will receive free, safe, supportive emergency housing, food, and many other services, including supportive and caring staff.

What does the shelter look like?

From the outside it looks like any other house in the neighbourhood. There are separate bedrooms for each woman and her family and several bathrooms. Meals are prepared and shared in a common dining area. There is a large living room and play area for children. The residents have access to a computer.

How do I know I am abused?

Trust your inner feelings. Are you “walking on eggshells” around your partner? Do you have to account for your time away from the home? Do you feel put down or threatened in any way? Are you being pushed, shoved, slapped or punched by your partner? Are you being prevented from choosing the faith of your choice? Are you being kept apart from close family, friends and from joining with community groups? Is money being withheld from you for the necessities of life for you and your children? Is your transportation being monitored or withheld?

How can I access the shelter?

If you are being abused, and want to leave your home, call the local crisis line at: (204) 239-5233 or the toll-free number:  1-877-977-0007.

I don’t have money, not even for transportation. How can I get there?

The staff will arrange transportation for you. You won’t have to pay for it.

Do I have to pay for being at the shelter?

There is no charge during your stay at a shelter. You will be provided with safe accommodation, food, transportation, personal incidentals, referrals to other resources such medical care, legal referrals, Employment and Income Assurance, housing, and other supports as may be identified.

What kind of help can I get?

We have a 24 hour support line:  (204) 239-5233 or toll-free:  1-877-977-0007 if you wish to speak to someone or if you need immediate assistance. You can expect confidentiality between you and the shelter staff.  You can expect to be believed when you speak about your experiences. You can expect to feel safe and supported. You can expect a safe, supportive and non-threatening environment for you and your children. You will meet women who share the same or similar experiences as you. You can expect to have some peace even though you are in a crisis. You can expect to leave the shelter with more understanding about your relationships than when you arrived. Trained counsellors and support staff can give you support, assist you with making safety plans, referrals for other services in the community, and will be strong advocates on your behalf.

How do I know if a stay in the Shelter is the right thing for me?

Phone the crisis line: (204) 239-5233 or Toll-free: 1-877-977-0007. We will tell you about what is available here, help you assess your safety in your own home, and provide any other information that you need. Many individuals call our 24 hour crisis line to receive ongoing support and information or attend our non-residential services should they not choose to enter the shelter.

Will the abuser be able to find me?

The services here are confidential. No information is provided to anyone, unless you allow us to do so.

If I go to the shelter, are the police going to be involved?

The police are not going to be involved unless you decide to involve them should you press charges against the abuser.

Where is the shelter located?

The shelter is located in a confidential location – the exact address is kept confidential to protect the safety of women and children who live there. If you are being abused and want to get into the shelter, phone the crisis line at (204) 239-5233 or toll-free:  1-877-977-0007.

Can my children come with me?

Yes.  The shelter offers children’s supports and services. Their stay here is also free.

How long can I stay?

Your stay here is approved by Employment and Income Assistance and can range from a few days to three weeks and sometimes more, based on assessment of a variety of factors.

Can somebody help me with my children?

Yes, children’s supports are available when you attend medical, legal or other appointments. We also have children’s counselling, if requested by you.

Is the shelter wheel chair accessible?

Yes, the shelter is wheelchair accessible. We also have one mobility suite.

If I go to shelter, can I receive visitors?

Yes, but you will first have to talk to the counsellors to approve that.

Will I have my own private room?

We have private bedrooms for each woman and her children.