If you are in a violent relationship, safety should be your first concern. Here are some basic steps for a Safety Plan that can help you. Please call the Prairie Harbour Inc. Crisis Line (204) 239-5233 or Toll Free 1-877-977-0007 for more assistance in developing a Safety Plan or a plan to leave.


  • An escape route out of the house.
  • A way to call 911.
  • Teaching the children to dial 911.
  • A bag packed with clothes, money, spare keys, ID and copies of important information like birth certificates, medical and school records that is kept in a safe place or with friends.
  • A Safe, Secret place to go. (This can be a friend’s or relative’s home that he does not know where they live, motel or shelter.)
  • List of important phone numbers: such as Police, Shelter, Counsellors, Relatives, or Friends.
  • Incorporate with the following Safety Plan:
    • Leave a copy of the Protection Order at your child’s school and your friends and family.
    • Keep a log every time your Abuser contacts you.
    • Keep a cell phone with you all all times. Even cell phones without service can call 911.
    • If your Abuser violates the Protection Order, call the Police immediately.
    • Do not talk with your Abuser or let him in the home.
    • You can go to Court and ask for an Order to show Cause if he continually violates the Order.


  1. Move to a room with easy access to an Exit. Don’t go to the Kitchen, Bathroom, or near possible Weapons.
  2. Know the quickest route out of your home. Practice escaping that way.
  3. Know the quickest route out of your workplace. Practice escaping that way. Domestic Violence does not just occur in your home.
  4. Pack a bag and have it ready. Keep it hidden but make it easy to grab quickly.
  5. Tell your neighbours about your abuse and ask them to call the police when they hear a disturbance.
  6. Have a code word to use with your kids, family and friends. They will know to call the Police and get you help.
  7. Know where you are going to go, if you ever have to leave.
  8. Use your instincts.
  9. You have the right to protect yourself and your kids. Remember there is always someone who can help you. You are never alone.

RCMP (Portage La Prairie Detachment): (204) 857-4445